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1. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Our website may ask for a user’s personal information. In such cases, we ensure secure communication by using SSL to encrypt the information. We recommend that you use a SSL encryption-compliant browser when using our website.

2. Cookies

Our website may send cookies to your computer. Cookies are used with a view to providing better service and will neither violate your privacy nor damage your environment. You can change the configuration of your computer to prevent cookies from functioning, but doing so may cause problems such as the failure of certain pages to display properly.

3. Recommended Browsers and Number of Display Screen Pixels

Our website recommends the following browser and number of display pixels so that you can use our site comfortably. Older browser versions or displays with a smaller screen size than recommended may cause the pages to be shown in a format different from that originally intended. For those using an older version of a browser, please update it if possible.

Microsoft Internet Explore 11 or subsequent versions,Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or later

※Recommended number of display screen pixels: 1024 x 768 pixels or more (width by height)

4. Javascript

Part of our website uses Javascript. We request you to turn on Javascript when accessing the site. When Javascript is turned off, problems such as pages missing links may occur.

5. Plug-ins

Our website contains content that uses animation. Such content can be displayed by installing a plug-in. If a message prompting you to install plug-in appears, please install the plug-in as per the instructions to display the animation.

【Plug-ins used】


6. Links

If you wish to link to our website, please contact us through the “Contact Us” link in advance to provide us with the content of the website that you intend to link from, the purpose of the link, your name, and contact information. Links to our website are only permitted in cases where we give our consent to do so.

7. Links to Other Companies’ Websites

This website may link to the website of a third party other than Integrity. Such links are provided merely for convenience and Integrity shall not assume any responsibility for the content of linked websites.

8. Copyright

The copyright of the content, such as articles, pictures and illustration, that are displayed on our website belong to Integrity or to the individual providing said information. Using the content on the website (including copying, modifying, uploading, posting, sending and distributing them) without the copyright holder’s authorization, beyond individual personal use and the extent that is accepted by the Copyright Law, is prohibited by law.

9. Disclaimer

Our website is designed to provide information relating to the corporate information of Integrity and is not intended to solicit investment. It does not encourage its users to make investment decisions based on the information on the website. Integrity shall not take any responsibility for investment decisions that are based on such information.

We do our best to ensure that the information on this website is accurate, but we do not guarantee its accuracy, completeness, or usefulness. Integrity shall assume no responsibility for any troubles, losses, or damages caused based on such information.

The content on our website may be changed or removed without prior announcement. Integrity shall assume no responsibility for any troubles, losses, or damages caused by use of our website, interruption or discontinuation of the operation of our website, or for any changes in the information provided.

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