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Handling of Personal Information

Integrity Partners LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Integrity”) shall carefully handle information that can identify a particular individual, including our clients, (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) to protect privacy appropriately and, with awareness that Personal Information is important information pertaining to privacy, secure Personal Information in an appropriate manner and handle it in accordance with the intent of the relevant individuals, including our clients (hereinafter referred to as “Information Subject”).

Collection of Personal Information

In collecting Personal Information, Integrity shall comply with the privacy policy and handle provided Personal Information in the following manner:

1.Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

(1)Integrity collects Personal Information in order to respond to inquiries.

(2)Integrity uses the Personal Information collected to the extent that it is required to achieve the intended purpose of its use.

(3)Integrity shall never use the Personal Information collected for any other purpose than which has been consented to by the Information Subject.

2.Use of Personal Information

(1)Personal Information shall not be entrusted.

(2)Except for the following cases, the Personal Information collected shall not be provided, disclosed to, nor used by the third parties without prior consent of the Information Subject.

・When it is necessary to provide the Personal Information for the purpose of the succession of business due to merger or for other reasons

・When there is a request for disclosure through legal action

・When a formal request to disclose Personal Information, in writing or otherwise, is made by the police or judiciary authorities

3.Security Management of Personal Information

We take necessary steps to ensure secure and tight management so that third parties are not able to obtain the Personal Information of the Information Subject maliciously.

4.Disclosure, Correction, and Removal of Personal Information

(1)We will respond to a request for disclosure of or correction or addition to the content of Personal Information promptly, provided that the request is made by the Information Subject of the relevant Personal Information.

(2)If the Information Subject requests his/her Personal Information to be deleted, we will respond to the request promptly.

5.Discretion and Consequences of Rejection

It is discretionary and not obligatory to allow us to collect your Personal Information.

In the event that you do not allow us to collect your Personal Information, or if there are missing entries, future correspondence with you may be affected. We appreciate your understanding.

6.Return and Disposal of Personal Information

Personal Information collected in hard copy or recording media, will in principle be returned to the Information Subject by hand. However, in cases where delivery by hand is difficult, we will dispose of the information by shredding it. Integrity shall delete data such as emails by using tools in a way that they are not recoverable.

7.Contact Information

For any inquiries regarding the handling of Personal Information, please contact us by using the Inquiry Form or at the address below:

《Contact Point》 Integrity Partners LLC

MetLife Sanban-cho Bldg. 6F, 7-14 Sanban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0075 TEL: +81-3-3556-3210

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