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[Integrity Partners LLC] Privacy Policy

Integrity Partners LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Integrity”) recognizes the importance of properly protecting personal information and sets out its privacy policy as below to appropriately manage personal information:

1.Collection, Use, Offering, and Consignment of Personal Information in an Appropriate Manner

Integrity may obtain, from investors and potential investors, portfolio companies and potential portfolio companies, person in charge, etc. of our business partners and others, their names, addresses, dates of birth, the names of companies/organizations that they belong to, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal information for the purpose of the objectives listed in “2. Use of Personal Information.”

In obtaining personal information, Integrity shall set out the management rules for collecting, using, offering, and consigning personal information to the extent that it is needed and properly manage such information. Further, except in cases of legal requests, we will not disclose and provide collected information to third parties without prior consent of the relevant individual.

2. Use of Personal Information

Integrity shall use personal information obtained for the following purposes and to the extent that it is required to achieve those purposes only:

(1) Setup and operation of an investment limited liability partnership (hereinafter referred to as “Fund”)

(2)Consideration of investment opportunities as a fund operator

(3)Management of portfolio companies of a fund that is operated by Integrity

(4)Hiring and human resource management at Integrity portfolio companies and Integrity-operated funds

(5) Response to inquiries to Integrity

(6)Other tasks associated with fund operation

3. Prevention of Personal Information to Be Lost, Destroyed, Modified and Leaked

In order to prevent personal information from being lost, destroyed, modified and leaked, Integrity implements information security measures such as those to deal with unauthorized access and viruses.

4. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Other Guidelines Relating to Protection of Personal Information

With regard to handling of personal information, we will comply with the laws, regulations and any other guidelines relating to personal information such as the Personal Information Protection Law as well as our internal rules.

5. Establishment and Enhancement of the Personal Information Protection Management System

Integrity will establish and make continued improvements to the management system for personal information protection.

6. Inquiries

For any questions regarding our handling of personal information, inquiries about and/or correction of personal information, please contact us via the contact point below. Please provide us with your name and contact information (such as the name of your company, phone number and e-mail address) when contacting us.

【Contact Point】

Integrity Partners LLC

Representative Employee: Masanori Akiba

(Stipulated on May 22, 2008)

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